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SafesLine' proud to announce the strategic partnership with NetWitness

This strategic partnership with NetWitness and their Leading Cyber Solutions and Services (SIEM, NDR, EDR & XDR) accelerateing our capabilities and businesses together to Provide Integrated and Rapid Threat Detection and Response Against Advanced Attacks and be a trusted Cybersecurity partner in the region.

SafeLine's selected by NetWitness as Exclusive XDR Partner, NetWitness technologies are at the heart of SafeLine's new Managed Detection and Response center. Learn more

Nahl Holding CEO Yasser Alrobaian and NetWitness Sales Manager Motaz AlMohamady recently met to mark the relationship and discuss the future of #cybersecurity and #threatdetection in Saudi Arabia.

About Us

Safeline providing cybersecurity solutions and services to small and mid-sized businesses, by recognizing the critical gap between newly available cybersecurity technologies and the expertise to effectively deploy them, to gives them full visibility and support their need of protecting their business.

Why partner with us? Safeline will help you stay secure and compliant, simply and cost effectively. We work with businesses to help protect and monitor their technology and respond to emerging cybersecurity threats.


Safeline offers Cybersecurity solutions By reflecting a deeper understanding of how the technology systems work, this essential service contributes to reducing the risks of exposure to future attacks, examines the cybersecurity situation and real-time potential problems, and identifies potential security vulnerabilities to ultimately fortify the organization against attempts to disrupt its digital processes.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

We work proactively to detect vulnerabilities for our clients through a combination of human talent and technical security tools conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of their devices, networks, systems, and applications.

Cybersecurity Engineering

We have both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience required to help our clients in building secure infrastructure, implementing cyber defense strategies, and reviewing the network design and security configuration of their information technology and Industrial Control (IC) systems to ensure their protection against cyber breaches.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We conduct cybersecurity assessments to measure the level of maturity and compliance with related cybersecurity regulations to create secure and resilient cyber environments.

Security Awareness Training

It’s an unfortunate fact that for most companies, the number one security risk is people. Human beings are fallible and make mistakes that can enable malicious actors to gain unwanted access to your system. We help turn your employees from sources of risk into a solid line of defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Assessment dose Safeline provide?

1-Cybersecurity compromise assessment: Assess the current IT and security control to Iden=fies security architecture and configura=on weaknesses, including missing patches or security soCware

2-Cybersecurity gap assessment: Assess the current IT security infrastructure and define the gaps based on required controls such as: network security, endpoint protec=on, log monitoring.

Configuration review: Providing configura=on review service of 2security controls: firewall, network.

Does Safeline provide consulting services?

Yes Safeline has cybersecurity and IT security consultant services.

Does Safelite have implementation services.

Yes safeline have their own expert engineers and they can dilever end-to-nd solution.

Dose Safeline provide Training?

Yes Safeline provide Security Awareness Training to turn your employees from sources of risk into a solid line of defense. .

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